Virtues from viruses: a gift for you in the 40 Day Blessing time

20-Apr-2020 20-Apr-2020

To offer some extra loving support to women (& their families) who have had babies during this this time of Covid 19, Small Blessings offers all online classes for the first 40 days following birth for FREE.

A virtue to come out of the virus! Yoga, conscious breathing, meditation, even just a little bit of any of these, can all help you immensely in the intense early days & weeks following birth. It can deliver you calm and connection to yourself and therefore to your baby. It can help the flow of your milk, nourish your nervous system, offer grounding, perspective and emotional balance. 

Think of it not so much as physical training. This is not yet the time to be strengthening your body, though gentle movements of the pelvic floor can already be helpful, but rather a time to relax, rest and restore. 

Having classes online has the unique virtue of making it easier for you as a new born mother to come and go as you can and want. You can sit or lie and feed your baby. You can join any exercises that feel good for you. You can if you like even just lie there and listen, if you find it relaxing!

If you would like to join a class, send me a mail -